Peter .... very fat.
is are has

He .... like exercising very much.
don't doesn't hasn't

Last month we .... to Vienna.
go went goes

I .... the performance last Tuesday.
doesn't like haven't liked didn't like

How .... does one cup of tea cost?
many much is

There .... a bank next to the Townhall building.
is are have

I .... agree with you.
doesn't haven't don't

Joe can't .... football. He's twisted his ankle.
to play playing play

.... some more coffee?
Would you like Do you like You'd like

Mitch .... in the USA last year.
was were is

Dad .... never been to Moscow.
haven't hadn't has

Anna .... her lost mobile phone.
is finding finds has found

.... ever heard Pink Floyd live?
Did you Have you Do you

They .... pass the test if they studied hard enough.
would will did

I wish I .... buy a new car.
can could should

When Tom finally came, Josie ..... .
already left has already left had already left

If I ..... holiday in Scotland, I wouldn't have met Hamish.
didn't spend haven't spent hadn't spent

By the time you arrive I .... .
will have left am going to leave would leave

A: What are you doing tonight? B: I don't know, I .... at home.
will stay would stay might stay

I didn't remember .... the oven before I left.
turn off turning off to turn off

It's no use .... him. He is too stuborn.
to persuade persuaded persuading

Mary got the prize .... giving stupid answers.
despite although even though

The offer was too good to turn it .... .
off down away

Joe's father ordered him .... excessively.
not to drink not drink not drinking

If only I .... to my parents' advice when I was younger.
listened had listened did listen

Not only ..... but she also scored maximum points.
she passed passed she did she pass

My sister ..... regretted turning down Greg's proposal.
entirely bitterly absolutely

Now remember, you ..... until you hear the sound.
are not starting are not to start haven't started

She wasn't ...... to reach the door knob.
tall enough so tall as tall

He is thought .... in a car accident.
to die dying to have died

The house .... . It's a ruin.
needs rebuilding to rebuild rebuilt

She finally managed .... out of the river.
get getting to get

There's no point .... arguing. Let's reach an agreement
on with in

Rarely .... to the opera.
I go do I go I have gone

If I were beautiful, I .... take part in beauty contest.
will shall would